of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

From a holistic, attachment-related approach, I provide Somatic Attachment Therapy, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Training (yoga, meditation, breathing techniques), Webinars (every 4th Saturday of the month and from 11:00 am-1:00 pm PST), Masterclasses, and Consultation Services.

Doing Yoga

My Unique Holistic Therapeutic Services

As developmental psychologist (specialization in attachment research) with over 15 years of clinical training integrated with three years of Ayurvedic teaching, I currently work with individuals in supporting them heal and integrate their True Self through a somatic attachment therapeutic and ayurvedic lifestyle approach in Los Angeles, San Diego, and across the United States

 Webinars and Masterclasses

As an instructor in mental health education and psychology, I teach psycho-educational webinars and masterclasses, which include the following topics:
- Attachment Theory & Infant Attachment Patterns

-Attachment Theory & Adult Attachment Patterns

-Attachment Disorganization, Dissociation, & Truama

- Understanding Relational Experieces that Transform Insecure Attachment Patterns into "Earned Secure Attachment Patterns"

-How Do I Become My Own “Secure Base”?

- Foundatations of Somatic Attachment Therapy

- Attachment & Spirituality

-Identifying The Trascendant Function in Your Holistic Self-Discovery & Transformation

- Attachment in Romantic Relationships

-Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), Resilience, & Somatic Attachment

- The Relationship Between Addiction & Attachment

- Exercising Positive Coping Skills When the Attachment System is Threatened

-Understanding Attachment Strategies, Trauma, & the Polyvagal Nervous System

- Boundaries, Attachment Strategies, & Repairation of Boundary Violations

-Discovering Emotional Freedom Through An Ayurvedic Process

- Foundations and Practices of Meditation in Ayurvedic Medicine

 Consultation Services for Professionals:

I provide consultation services with respect to performing diagnostics with your client and collaborating with you in order to develop a comprehensive, effective treatment protocol, which will assure holistic healing for your client that transforms their life trajectory. Thus far, my consultation services (both at prevention and intervention levels) have been therapeutically effective given my extensive experience at the inpatient, residential, and outpatient levels. At these different levels of mental health treatment, I have worked with adolescent and adult clients with anxiety and mood disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse disorders, trauma, grief, loss, and attachment-related disorders.
As part of my consultation service package, I will administer your clients a battery of psychological testing measures, including quantitative and qualitative measures. In addition, a colleague will independently administer "the gold standard measurement of attachment," which is a semi-structured interview known as the “Adult Attachment Interview" (AAI; Main, Goldwyn, & Hesse, 2002). I will then score the measures, code the AAI, and thoroughly complete a written interpretation of the results, which will be a significant part of the treatment plan!

My Mission & Passion

My mission and passion is that each individual I have the opportunity to work will develop an integrated, coherent life narrative, discover their True Self, actualize healthy boundaries, heal from ruptured attachment wounds (e.g., trauma and loss) become their own safe base and safe haven, exercise positive coping skills, acquire enough sense of security to allow themselves to feel rather than return to patterns of numbing, and, in turn, connect their emotions with others in a secure, bi-directional relationship. Through this holistic self-discovery and transformational process, my mission and vision is that each unique individual will develop a secure bond with their True Self and build secure attachment (or "earned secure") relationships with others and their environment!

Once the [therapeutic] process has started he begins to see the old images (models) for what they are, the not unreasonable products of his past experiences or of what he has been repeatedly told, and thus to feel free to imagine alternatives better fitted to his current life.